• May 16, 2012

Forum on Commutation and Parole in Massachusetts

  • 3:00 PM
  • North Classroom, Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School, 1545 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA

This forum will feature guest speakers, panelists, and representatives from Massachusetts organizations, groups, and governing bodies who work closely with prisoners and former prisoners. We expect to have an informative, engaging program with the aim of bringing confidence, trust and transparency to the parole process. The planners hope to revitalize one of the Commonwealth’s progressive legal processes created for the promotion and execution of redemptive and restorative justice.

Speakers include:

  • Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.
  • Professor Margaret Burnham
  • Mel King
  • Harold Adams
  • Jamie Bissonette
  • Candace Kochin
  • Patty Garin
  • Robert Gittens
  • Andrea Goode-James
  • Gail Hall
  • Rev. Michael Haynes
  • Sheila Hubbard
  • Pamela Lombardini
  • Bob Romanow
  • Leslie Walker
  • Josh Wall
  • Tina Williams
  • Gavi Wolfe

Sponsors include:

Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Through Barbed Wire, Coalition for Effective Public Safety, ACLU of Massachusetts, Community Change Inc., Families for Justice as Healing, Center for Church and Prisons, Jericho Boston, Community Church of Boston, American Friends Service Committee, Judge R L Banks Community Justice Program, Prisoners’ Legal Services, Northeastern University School of Law Prisoners’ Assistance Project, The Real Cost of Prisons Project

Event Videos: