• Feb 10, 2014

Hate Crimes in the Heartland: Film Screening & Discussion

  • 5:30 pm
  • Wasserstein Hall 2019, Milstein West B, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

Please join us for a screening and discussion of Hate Crimes in the Heartland with Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Rachel Lyon.

The number of hate crimes in The United States has nearly doubled in the past decade. Hate Crimes in the Heartland is a compelling story of hatred and hope, as told through the lens of one city, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Home to the most destructive race riot in American history, Tulsa continues to present a vivid portrait of America’s simmering racial divisions today. Hate Crimes in the Heartland opens with the Good Friday murders of 2012 and extends back in time to the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot and the utter devastation of America’s “Black Wall Street.” Heartland is a portrait filled with compelling characters, powerful stories, remarkable archival imagery, and dramatic first-person testimony. Heartland reveals the open wounds of this near epidemic, while revealing inspiring efforts toward hope and reconciliation.

Rachel Lyon has produced 65 feature films, movies-for-television, feature documentaries and limited series. Her work often focuses on critical global issues, human rights, civil equality, art and archaeology, lifestyle, and history. Lyon serves as Professor and Artist-in-Residence at Northern Kentucky University. Her breakthrough work on exposing the ‘crime-media business’ involves a partnership including ten universities, culminating in a major symposium on Media and Human Rights in America and her new film, Hate Crimes in the Heartland.

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