• Jan 29 - 30, 2010

The Guiding Lights Weekend: Closing the Opportunity Gap

  • Seattle Center, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109

The Charles Hamilton Houston Institute is proud to partner with the Guiding Lights Network to co-produce the “Guiding Lights Weekend: Closing the Opportunity Gap.” This conference will bring together a wide range of participants, including educators, researchers, advocates, practitioners, parents, and students. This interactive conference aims to:

  1. Generate new collaborations, promote imaginative solutions, and create the collective will for change;
  2. Support professionals and volunteers who are working on opportunity issues;
  3. Present useful research that may not be very well known to the attention of educators, practitioners, policymakers, parents and others in useful and accessible formats;
  4. Identify and highlight successful programs that are currently being implemented in Seattle, Puget Sound, and Washington State addressing the opportunity gap;
  5. Connect these efforts and individuals to others working across the country;
  6. Consider solutions in policy, practice, and litigation arenas; at the school, district, region, state and federal levels.

Friday’s panel will be moderated by Professor Charles Ogletree, and will feature: William Bell, Casey Family Programs; David Fleming, King County Public Health; Pramila Jayapal, One America; Andrea Levere, Corporation for Enterprise Development; and Jim Shelton, U.S. Department of Education.