• Jan 20, 2010

The Neo African Americans: Film Screening & Discussion

  • 5:30 PM
  • West Classroom, Austin Hall, Harvard Law School Cambridge, MA

Please join us for a screening of The Neo-African Americans and a discussion featuring director/producer Kobina Aidoo, MPP ’07.

About the film:

There are millions walking down the streets of America who look ethnically African but are not necessarily “African-American,” probably hundreds on Harvard’s campus. But walking down the street, you can’t tell a difference. Consequently, the stories of some of the fastest growing immigrant populations have been lost in the traditional “African-American” narrative.

This creeping transformation of the “African-American” narrative has become especially relevant since the election of President Obama whose “African-Americanness” doesn’t fit the script.

Consider that between 1980 and 2005, the foreign born black population more than tripled, Haitians quadrupled and Ethiopians increased 13 times.

The very expression “African-American” becomes controversial: Is it based on race, ethnicity, history, culture, citizenship, geography, residency or something else? Depending on your definition, is an Afro Latino immigrant African-American? Is a black African immigrant African-American? Is a white African immigrant African American?

The Neo-African Americans explores how rapid, voluntary immigration from Africa and the Caribbean is transforming the “African-American” narrative. The documentary has been presented at more than 50 locations nationwide and has been discussed on CNN, BBC and several other outlets.

Co-sponsored by the Harvard Immigration & Integration Studies Project

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