A Convening: Race, Reform, and Multiracial Democracy

  • A room block has been reserved for invited attendees for Wednesday, September 20th, and Thursday, September 21st, at the DoubleTree. A shuttle will be provided to take attendees to and from the hotel to the conference events.
  • CHHIRJ will cover hotel rooms for all invited attendees. If invited attendees need help with other travel expenses please reach out to Alora Thomas-Lundborg (tthomaslundborg@law.harvard.edu), explaining your need for further travel support.
  • All meals will be provided for on Day 1 of the conference and breakfast and lunch will be provided on Day 2 of the conference.
  • The HLS campus map and directions includes a printable campus map, a list of gender-inclusive bathrooms, and other local travel tips.
  • The conference will be held in the Wasserstein Building located at 1585 Massachusetts Ave on the second floor in the Milstein East conference rooms.
  • The HLS campus buildings are not open to visitors, and CHHIJ conference volunteers will be stationed at building entrances to assist guests.
  • Photographers will be present. Participation in the event is considered assent to photography. If you do not want to be identified in any photographs, please let us know.
  • We are not able to offer a remote viewing option for off-campus folks.
  • If you become sick, please do not attend the conference. Masking is currently not required on campus.