• Jun 3, 2015

Proposing a Houston/Marshall Plan for domestic policy

David Harris
Johanna Wald
The Boston Globe
June 3, 2015

In anticipation of the anniversary of unveiling the Marshall Plan to rebuild after World War two, the authors call for a similar effort to rebuild American cities in the wake of the decades long “war…we have been waging against our own communities of color.” They go on to propose:

…a new Houston/Marshall Plan (named after civil rights giants Charles Hamilton Houston and Thurgood Marshall), focused on helping communities restore themselves after decades of intentional disinvestment. This new Houston/Marshall Plan will advance strategies, innovations, and solutions designed by those living and working in these neighborhoods. It is their voices that have been routinely ignored or silenced in public policy discussions. It will promote public health perspectives that favor recreational, day care and health centers, diversion programs that allow mothers to stay with their children, treatment for addictions, and job training instead of more police, more prosecutions, and more prisons.

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