Why G.O.P. and Teachers Are Uniting to Stop Obama Effort to Help Poor Schools

By Kevin Carey, The New York Times

The Department of Education has proposed a new rule “that would require local school districts to give schools enrolling large numbers of poor children at least as much state and local money as other schools.” Though the new Secretary of Education is trying to ensure that low-income schoolchildren have adequate education funding, many teachers are protesting due to the disruption that this new rule will cause.

“Marguerite Roza, a Georgetown University scholar, has found that many districts spend up to a third less per pupil in poor schools compared with others. This can happen for various reasons: because wealthy parents unduly influence budget allocations, for example. It can also happen because most teachers are paid using collectively bargained salary schedules that reward longevity. Senior teachers tend to cluster in wealthy schools, while schools where many children are poor often churn through large numbers of novice, badly paid teachers.”

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