A Weekend in Chicago

By Monica Davey, The New York Times

From January to Memorial day, Chicago has seen 1,177 shootings and 233 deaths. On Memorial Day Weekend, alone, six people died, with 64 shots. This New York Times article, “A Weekend in Chicago” aimed to draw a picture of the violence and pain in Chicago:

“In an effort to capture what is happening on Chicago’s streets, and why, The New York Times dispatched a team of reporters, photographers and videographers to virtually all of the shooting scenes across the city. Working around the clock through the three-day weekend, The Times interviewed relatives, witnesses, police officers and others, and captured how much violence has become a part of the city’s fabric. The Times intends to follow the cases throughout the year.”

In the article, Herb Harrington, a barber shop owner, said, “You’re talking about poverty and families broken up and people not having opportunity and losing their way. Violence is what we talk about in these chairs. We talk about it. We analyze it. But we don’t have easy answers.”

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