• Jun 4, 2016

Muhammad Ali Evolved From a Blockbuster Fighter to a Country’s Conscience

By Wesley Morris, The New York Times

This article explains how Muhammad Ali has shaped American culture with his pride for his Black identity.

“He had become larger than life, but without forgetting how much black lives matter. The legacy of his bodacious charisma was built to last well beyond his death on Friday. Ali was telegenic, funny, clever, blunt, fearless and, above all, politically principled. His beliefs transfixed and polarized the country: What would he say next; where would he take us? The short answer to that second question is ‘on a public journey.’

“Ali was a politically black Zelig, but instead of merely lurking within the times, he shaped them. He was complicated and contradictory as both a man and an African-American, embracing and shedding radical black Islam, wielding racist imagery to rile opponents, refusing to play the black clown for the press.”

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