States Require More Training Time to Become a Barber Than a Police Officer

By Holly Yan, CNN

While covering the recent protests in Charlotte, we met Derrick Jacobs, who said he had to go through more training to become a barber than a police officer does.

We wanted to see if that was true. Because every time there’s a controversial police shooting, the question comes up: How much training do officers get?
Turns out, Jacobs’ claim is right. And it’s not just in North Carolina. In California, New Mexico and New York, you can get a badge hundreds of hours sooner than you can use a pair of barber shears.
And it’s not just barbering, either. Many trade jobs require more hours of training time to get a license than it takes to get a police badge. (Important caveat, though: Police departments can choose to go beyond their state’s minimum training requirements — and many do.)
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