The Foundation for Social Justice

Education is political and powerful. Beyond classrooms, schools and institutions, knowledge gives an individual the ability to affect their destiny and impact the community and world in which they live. It is a potent and dominant factor in the level of success that a person or a community can ultimately achieve — not only related to our educational system, but also related to our daily interactions and approaches to educating one another.

Robert Fulgham, author of “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” talks about these daily actions in greater detail. He expresses what education is and where education starts — in the home and in the heart.

This book’s genius is in amplifying the significance of the simple lessons that we learn early in life — ranging from number one: share, number two: play fair, to number thirteen: watch out for traffic, look out for each other and hold hands; we are reminded of the importance of the well-being of the person as a member of the community. This is true education.


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