Youth Program Funding Remains ‘A Drop in the Bucket’ as Police Budget Bloats

By Crystal Niebla, VoicesWaves

September 27, 2017

This article contrasts the increases in funding for police over funding for proven effective programs serving gang involved young people in Long Beach, California. The article cites data from a report by the Advancement Project that while the police department budget will increase by $22 million over the previous year, the department overseeing very successful youth oriented program will rise by only $602,000. This, according to the article, flies in the face of effective policy:

A 2007 report by the Justice Policy Institute, a criminal justice reform think-tank, compiled overwhelming evidence that the use of extensive social resources such as job training, mentoring, after-school activities and recreational programs significantly reduce gang violence. Meanwhile, cities that rely on gang suppression through law enforcement have far less impact, it found, and much less cost efficiency, as well.

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