• Jul 26, 2018

Remembering Charles Hamilton Houston, Jr.

Charles Hamilton Houston, Jr. passed away on July 15th.

From the inception of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice, Charles has held a special place. This goes much farther than our name, although we are certainly proud that he chose to stand as one of our most consistent supporters. He and his wife Rose have been members of the Houston Institute family and we have been blessed by his spirit, grace, generosity and integrity. Joining us for so many of our events, his smile was at once inviting and contagious and his comments always filled with insight. Charles always brought a warmth and dignity that embodied his father’s legacy. We will miss him terribly but his spirit will forever animate our work and he will remain alive in our individual and collective memories.

Charles Hamilton Houston, Jr., Berry Gordy, and Charles Ogletree (l-r)
with a portrait of Charles Hamilton Houston, Sr.
Martha’s Vineyard, 2011