• Feb 1, 2019

At “Beloved Streets” Event, Panel Discusses Race and Transformative Justice

February 1, 2019
Elizabeth X. Guo & Amanda Y. Su, The Harvard Crimson

Founded by Melvin White, the non-profit organization Beloved Streets of America seeks to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his envisioned “beloved community” by revitalizing streets bearing King’s name. Many of these regions are disproportionately under-resourced and comprise mostly African-Americans.

Panelists at the event, who span a variety of careers and disciplines, discussed topics on race and transformative justice. They also spoke about ways in which people can dismantle systems that perpetuate intergenerational poverty.

David J. Harris, managing director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race & Justice and one of the course leaders, said the course attempted to create some spaces and places in a curriculum, fostering transparent conversations about important societal issues.

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