• Mar 23, 2020

The Coronavirus Conversation Has Got to Get a Lot More Inclusive Than This

March 23, 2020
Charles Ellison, EcoWurd

Criticizing the tendency of the “corporate” media to focus on those who are “mostly White, somewhat affluent and frantically managing coronavirus as a bump in the road,” this article includes data on a number of ways in which this kind of coverage neglects and threatens those communities at even higher risk because of historical disparities.

The mainstream media’s tendency to reflexively trivialize various angles of a crisis with puff reporting about middle class inconveniences only exacerbates the risk. Those who are already forgotten become more forgotten. This will not only be a missing conversation, but it potentially leads to many more infections and deaths that would have been avoidable had only communities and policymakers been made aware or pushed to look in their direction.

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