Institutional racism contributes to Covid-19’s “double whammy” impact on the Black community, Fauci says

Jacqueline Howard, CNN
June 23, 2020

Social determinants of health include the conditions people are born into and live in that can impact their health, as well as the complex social structures and economic systems that shape these conditions, including discrimination in access to and quality of health care.
The coronavirus pandemic has made it more clear than ever before that the United States needs to invest in communities — especially in ways that could reduce health disparities, one expert on racial justice said last week.
“I think we need to think about devoting more resources to addressing the issues that create the disparities and prevalence in susceptibility to coronavirus,” David Harris, managing director of the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law School, said on a Facebook Live discussion.
“It’s the way in which the institutional racism, for lack of a better word, seeps down into some very, very specific and particular differences in treatment,” he said.
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