• Jan 9, 2021

New Faculty Director Appointed: Constitutional scholar Guy-Uriel Charles, a leading expert on race, politics and election law, to join HLS

Harvard Law Today
January 7, 2021

Guy-Uriel Charles, an expert in constitutional law, election law, campaign finance, redistricting, politics and race, will join the Harvard Law faculty as the inaugural Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. Professor of Law, effective July 1. He will also serve as faculty director of HLS’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice. Professor Charles will also continue, at Harvard, the important programmatic work he and many others do building mentoring networks and resources for prospective and new law professors from underrepresented groups.

Charles currently holds the Edward and Ellen Schwarzman Professorship of Law at Duke Law School, where he co-founded the Center on Law, Race and Politics. A leading authority on the role of law in mediating political power, Charles will hold an endowed chair named in honor of HLS Professor Charles J. Ogletree, Jr. ’78. Ogletree, who dedicated his career to racial equality and social justice, taught at HLS for more than three decades.

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