• Jun 2, 2022

Faculty Director Prof. Guy Charles to Appear on Penn’s “Race and Regulation” Podcast

The Penn Program on Regulation’s podcast, Race and Regulation, focuses on the most fundamental responsibility of any society: ensuring equal justice, and dignity and respect, to all people.

Over the 10-episode podcast series, listen as leading scholars uncover how government regulations across a wide range of areas—including voting rights, child welfare, banking, land use, and more—have contributed to racial inequities, as well as how regulatory changes could help build a more just society.

The podcast series features today’s foremost experts working on issues at the intersection of law, race, and public policy.

Our Faculty Director, Guy-Uriel Charles, will be featured in Episode 4 to be released on June 8!

Coming June 8, 2022

Episode 4: Creating an Inclusive National Politics

Guy-Uriel Charles (Harvard)

Throughout American history, racial inequality and political inequality have gone hand-in-hand. Building a truly representative democracy today and in the future will depend on ending racial discrimination in voting. In this episode, election law expert Guy-Uriel Charles of Harvard Law School argues that voting cannot be made a universal and fundamental right for all without nationalizing American election law and blocking states from adopting rules for redistricting and voting that exclude and disenfranchise minority voters. This episode is based on Prof. Charles’ 2021 Distinguished Lecture on Regulation at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

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