Community Justice Acts

What is Community Justice?

We believe that true justice comes from the community. Community justice is the process of building public policy by incorporating the voices, knowledge and aspirations of individuals living and working in communities decimated by the web of disadvantage wrought by decades of misguided punitive policies at the heart of the war on drugs.

What are Community Justice Activism Events?

We envision community justice activism events that gather community members to discuss and resolve harms experienced by communities of color due to policies of disinvestment and mass incarceration. The goal is to encourage active participation of individuals living and working in communities hardest hit by crime and violence, and subject to recently discredited public policies, to gather information on how activists are working to resolve these issues around the nation.

In the spring of 2016, we hosted a series of events at Roxbury Community College and Boston University. We brought together activists, students, and residents who worked together in groups to identify issues experienced by communities of color in Boston, and then researched programs around Boston and beyond that might potentially mitigate those issues.


These convenings were our initial efforts at hosting this type of community-based event. We intend to refine our strategy as we continue along with this work.

Check out our series of Community Justice Spotlight videos here. These are short videos featuring local organizations and individuals in Massachusetts committed to making change in fields ranging from public health to housing to education. These videos spotlight their stories and communities, encourage collaboration among grassroots organizations, and inspire others to follow their models.

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