The Business Case for Racial Equity in Michigan

This 2015 report by the Altarum Institute and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation details the cost of failing to address the legacy of racism in the state and the benefits to communities from advancing racial equity.

With greater racial equity, disparities in health, educational achievement, incarceration rates, and employment opportunities diminish, improving life outcomes and building a healthier, more productive workforce whose skills better align with future needs…Research has shown that businesses with more diverse workforces have more customers, higher revenues and profits, greater market share, less absenteeism and turnover, and a higher level of commitment to their organization…Wealth accumulation for households of color will improve community stability and intergenerational mobility. It will also provide capital for entrepreneurship, enriching our communities with new products and services that create jobs and spur economic activity.All these positive outcomes will help Michigan attract more people and greater private investment, further improving the state’s growth outlook.