Incentives for Secondary Market Transactions to Facilitate Wireless Entrepreneurship for Minority and Women Owners

Kim Keenan and Kevin Honig, Multicultural Media Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC)

According to the executive summary, “Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (‘FCC’ or ‘Commission’) must develop market-based incentives to advance competition and innovation, while increasing minority and women entrepreneurship in the wireless communications space. Federal incentives that cultivate entrepreneurs’ access to capital should be a priority in the burgeoning wireless marketplace, particularly in the areas of spectrum ownership and operations support…This paper demonstrates how to generate diversity-enhancing secondary market transactions by applying time-tested tax and regulatory incentives to business transactions that occur naturally in well-working markets. These incentives can be applied using command-and control regulation consistent and within established legal precedent. Further, the paper shows that secondary market transactions are attractive to businesses, legislators, and regulators who are interested in fostering competition and innovation, as well as promoting diversity in telecommunications.”

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