Race​ ​and​ ​Jobs​ ​at​ ​High​ ​Risk​ ​to​ ​Automation

By Kristen Broady
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
December 18, 2017

This data brief looks at the potential impact on “30 occupations that employ the most people in the United Statesthat have a high probability of automation over the next 10-20 years ” Reporting on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the report found that “automation will have a significant effect on African American and Latino Workers.”


Over 31 percent of Latino workers and 27 percent of African American workers are concentrated in just 30 occupations at high-risk to automation. By comparison, these 30 occupations account for ​24 percent of all White workers and 20 percent of all Asian American workers. African American workers are over-represented in particular jobs with a high risk of being eliminated or fundamentally changed by automation.

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