Reform Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit

Center for Popular Democracy & Local Progress
September 2018

Published as a follow-up to the Center for Popular Democracy and PolicyLink’s 2015 report, “Building Momentum from the Ground Up: A Toolkit for Promoting Justice in Policing,” this policing policy evaluation toolkit is meant to be a practical, actionable resource designed specifically to support local elected officials in their ongoing efforts to enact progressive policing policy reform. With self-assessment policy evaluation tools, suggestions on best practices, and background research and resources, Reform Transform is a groundbreaking endeavor to empower local communities to cement their vision for community justice. The Reform Transform authors hope that this toolkit will aid the work of local elected officials—in close partnership with impacted community members, advocates, and organizers—to fight back in the current era of heightened attack on communities.

The toolkit covers the following topics:

  1. Independent Oversight
  2. Data and Transparency
  3. Transparency in Police and Civilian Encounters
  4. An End to the Co-optation of Local Law Enforcement for Federal Immigration Enforcement
  5. Demilitarization
  6. Pre-booking Diversion Programs
  7. An End to the School-to-Prison-and-Deportation Pipeline
  8. Bans on Bias-Based Policing
  9. Use of Force
  10. Property Seizure and Asset Forfeiture
  11. Investments in Public Safety Beyond Policing
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