SPARQ Scientists Release Oakland Police Findings

In May of 2014, the City of Oakland engaged SPARQ researchers to examine race relations between the Oakland Police Department (OPD) and the Oakland community. Today, we released our findings in two reports. In the first report, Strategies for Change: Research Initiatives and Recommendations To Improve Police-Community Relations in Oakland, Calif.,we present evidence of pervasive racial discrimination in stops, searches, handcuffings, and arrests, as well as offer 50 recommendations for reforming police culture.

In the second report, Data for Change: A Statistical Analysis of Police Stops, Searches, Handcuffings, and Arrests in Oakland, Calif., 2013-2014,we give a detailed account of the main research initiative: a thorough analysis of 13 months of OPD stop data.

The research team is led by SPARQ faculty co-director Jennifer L. Eberhardt, Ph.D., and SPARQ postdoctoral fellow Rebecca C. Hetey, Ph.D. The team also includes SPARQ faculty affiliate Benoît Monin, Ph.D. and SPARQ research associate Amrita Maitreyi, B.S.

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