The National Coalition on School Diversity Research Briefs

Susan Eaton

New Research Briefs Summarize the Benefits of Racially and Economically Diverse Schooling and Make Recommendations for Educators, Policymakers and Researchers

Three new briefs, released by the CHHIRJ and the National Coalition on School Diversity, summarize findings from the newest and most rigorous research related to racial and socioeconomic diversity in public schools. The studies on which these three briefs are based were published in 2010 in three special issues of the peer-reviewed journal, Teachers College Record. The TCR research draws from several strong data bases and employs cutting-edge statistical methods and pays meticulous attention to separating the discrete contributions that schools, teachers, families and students themselves make to a variety of important educational outcomes, such as test scores and graduation rates. We urge courts, policymakers, education rights lawyers, educators and others to use this new work as a guide in decisions and advocacy related to diversity, schooling and equal opportunity.

The National Coalition on School Diversity, of which CHHIRJ is an active member, is a network of national civil rights organizations, university-based research institutes, local educational advocacy groups, and academic researchers seeking a greater commitment to racial and economic diversity in federal K-12 education policy and funding. For more information on the National Coalition on School Diversity, go to: