Blacks in Law Enforcement of America

As civil service officers, it is our duty to uphold the laws of our local, state, and federal governments. However, as natural leaders it is our moral, ethical, and human duty to reach and teach our families and youth by providing increased involvement and support, thereby enriching lives and enhancing our communities.

Blacks In Law Enforcement of America believes that Law Enforcements’ purpose is to protect and serve. Not to contain the poor, the economically disadvantage or to take advantage of those who cannot fight back or have a true voice in the matter at hand.

To truly protect the community we serve BLEA believes:

1. Better “Community Policing”, the philosophy of “Community Policing” that calls for a true, cooperative, partnership between the Community and the Police for safer communities.

2. The allocation of local, county, state, and national crime fighting resources toward the prevention of crime. The strategy of proactive as opposed to reactive has always been the preference of the people.

3. State and national handgun legislation prohibiting further manufacturing of handguns, and limiting their sales, possession, and use.

4. State and National Legislation defining “Street Gang” and “Street Gang Membership”, therefore developing legislation to combat “Street Gang criminal activity.”

5. Police brutality is a crime and must be confronted, controlled, and outlawed by all police departments throughout the United States.

6. Need for State Wide Special Prosecutor to insure transparency in the Justice System when investigation and prosecuting law enforcement accused of police criminality because the relationship with DAs office and police departments creates a conflict of interest.

7. Police should be required and have their official residency in the city or municipality in which they are employed, therefore insuring they have a stake in seeing that the City will be successful.

8. The Police Department should racially reflect the community that it claims to protect and serve.

9. State politicians and local officials need to create oversight to govern policies and procedures to create consistency throughout law enforcement agencies in the United States.

10. We believe that women are equal and equitable in the institution of law enforcement and they should be honored for their continuous courage and valor.

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