Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

We are highlighting this organization because it engages in a “community justice”-oriented approach to political change.


Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is a nonprofit community-based planning and organizing entity birthed in 1984 out of the passion, ingenuity and determination of Dudley residents seeking to reclaim a neighborhood [in Boston, MA] that had been ravaged by disinvestment, arson fires and dumping. DSNI’s mission is to empower Dudley residents to organize, plan for, create and control a vibrant, diverse and high quality neighborhood in collaboration with community partners.

Example of their community justice framework:

We believe that if community stakeholders, under the leadership of residents are fully engaged, informed and equipped to act collectively to realize the community’s shared vision, then systems, policies, programs, institutions and the neighborhood will transform into the community’s vision.

Types of programs and projects:

  • Community land trust (Dudley Neighbors Incorporated)
  • No Child Goes Homeless campaign
  • Dudley Workforce Collaborative
  • Dudley Real Food Hub

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