ProsperUS Detroit

Who We Are

ProsperUS Detroit is a place-based economic development strategy designed to empower low and moderate income, immigrant and minority individuals. Through our culturally competent range of services, we strive to support the entrepreneurial spirit and small business community that exists in Detroit’s neighborhoods.

Our training is about more than creating a business plan, it is about the introduction of solid business planning principles, network building, forming ideas and concepts, all combined with personal and professional development. The classroom environment is intended to provide a safe, accessible learning space that facilitates authentic dialogue about entrepreneurship and community leadership.

Business services include a range of personal and professional development tools that help in moving the entrepreneur and their business from one stage to the next within the business marketplace. The services are delivered through a host of professional providers across numerous business sectors, including accounting, legal, graphic design, and others.

Our micro-lending model is unlike any other traditional micro-lending program. We seek out the strengths of the entrepreneur, such as their character and the benefit of their business to the community, in order to offset the standard methods of evaluating financial risk. Our staff assists entrepreneurs in the lending process by providing access to financial coaching, workforce development, and other business services while leveraging our relationships with dozens of agencies within our network to support their micro-lending engagement.

ProsperUS Detroit