Reclaim Roxbury

Our Vision:

Reclaim Roxbury is a community organization called to action to ensure a future in which local enterprises are sustained, the rich heritage of the community is celebrated, environmental sustainability and socio-economic equity remain priorities, residents have a voice in how their needs are met during current and future development planning processes with full transparency, opportunity for wealth creation, and youth empowerment is fostered. We envision a future for Roxbury where the needs of all become the concerns of all and where Roxbury residents seek to achieve policies that lead to peace and prosperity for all.

Our Mission:

Reclaim Roxbury is a broad based community effort dedicated to improve the quality of life and economic wealth for all Roxbury residents. We envision building a democratic participation of its residents including youth in all civic, cultural, and economic life of the community in response to the need for sustainable development, environmental and socio-economic equity that links businesses, community organizations and other sectors with the well being of its residents. This effort is framed by the community’s articulation of a set of core values and principles set forth by the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan to guide current and future community planning process.

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