In the late 1970’s, Robert Lewis, Jr. and Jose Ruiz had a bold vision to establish The Boston Astros program as a way to keep young people out of trouble, while providing them with opportunities to engage in forms of healthy competition and athletic activity. In the three decades since its inception at The Villa Victoria Housing Development in the South End neighborhood of Boston, The Astros, has now become The BASE.

Housed in the heart of Boston’s Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods, The BASE provides comprehensive athletic and educational advancement opportunities for prominent student athletes on three distinct principles for success: (1) superior baseball training, conditioning and competition; (2) personalized educational resources and support; and (3) the development of a ‘Winning Game Plan for Life.’ Born out of The Boston Astros’ culture and methodology, The BASE is a model that leverages sports as a vehicle to engage youth in a positive, rigorous, passionate and success-driven environment with the goal of excellence—both on and off the field.

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