The Opportunity Institute

The Opportunity Institute is a non-profit organization that promotes social mobility and equity by improving outcomes from early childhood through early career. They focus on education, which plays a critical role in opening opportunities, and the related social policies that make true opportunity possible.

They bring together leaders in early childhood development, PreK through 12 education, juvenile and criminal justice, and higher education to collaborate across policy sectors for broader and deeper impact. Their work reaches around the country, but with special attention to California, their base.

The Opportunity Institute is advancing pragmatic, evidence-based solutions that will combat inequality and build stronger, more equitable ladders to success.

The Opportunity & Justice Program Area builds avenues to social mobility for individuals, families and communities impacted by mass incarceration. Millions of Americans are enmeshed in the criminal justice system; half of them are parents of minor children and all of them deserve a chance to succeed. The Opportunity Institute builds pathways away from criminal justice and toward educational success, career entry, and family security.

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