We Are America Project

Voices of the Nation’s Future

A project created by 18 high school students in Lowell, Massachusetts, from a Seminar on American Diversity. During the class the students wrestled with what it means to be American. According to the students:

…we analyzed key laws and Supreme Court cases, studied famous movements and changemakers who fought for social justice, and also looked at our own personal histories and worked to set them within the larger framework of American history.

This past school year we wrote and edited two books of personal stories. Each of us shared a story of self that we thought helped to define and answer the question: What does it mean to be American?

…We believe that this conversation is critical now and that we – young people who are the future of America – should have a role in defining what being American means to us. We believe that this is an essential conversation to have.

That is why we created the national project We Are America Project. Our goal is to help spark a new national conversation around what it means to be American, and we want that conversation to be led by our generation.

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