Legislative Briefing: Reforming Parole and Medical Parole to Enhance Public Safety

  • 11:00 AM
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PART 1 : “Reforming Parole and Medical Parole to Enhance Public Safety”
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The parole system and the medical parole system are both mechanisms that are meant to release people from incarceration and support them in the community when they do not pose a threat to public safety. These systems should ensure that the Commonwealth’s resources are used to promote health, safety, human dignity, rehabilitation, and compassion, but both systems are underutilized and focused on punishment. Please join us for this event to learn more about how these systems can be improved through bills that are currently being considered by the Legislature.

Featured Speakers:

  • Kristyn Henry ‒ staff attorney, Prisoners’ Legal Services
  • Patty Garin ‒ criminal defense and civil rights attorney, codirector of Prisoners’ Rights Clinic at Northeastern University School of Law, Boston, MA
  • Milton Jones ‒ director of re-entry services at Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Dorchester, MA
  • Jasmin Borges ‒ formerly incarcerated woman, activist, advocate, organizer for the Massachusetts Bail Fund
  • Lauren Petit ‒ staff attorney, Prisoners’ Legal Services
  • Terry Nguyen – family member of person impacted by medical parole
  • Dr. James Hudspeth ‒ physician and program director, Boston Medical Center
  • Other family members of people impacted by medical parole

Featured Bills:

  • An Act to promote equitable access to parole (S. 1560/H. 2503) | Fact Sheet
    Sen. Creem, Rep. Vargas, Rep. Miranda
  • An Act to reform parole supervision in the interest of justice (S.1600/H.1798) | Fact Sheet
    Sen. Jehlen, Rep. Miranda
  • An Act to remove barriers to medical parole (S.1599/H.2448) | Fact Sheet
    Sen. Jehlen, Rep. Domb

Watch a recording of our past event, “It’s a Crime: Using Technical Violations to Re-Incarcerate,” for additional background on the issue.

Save the date for Part 2: Ending Life Without Parole on October 14, 2021 at 12:00 PM!